building efficiency made simple

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Adding value to your operations

Increase profitability, reduce risk, advance sustainability.


Measure efficiency and create actionable insights.


Empower your people to be the catalyst for change.


Cut costs, reduce risk and lower Co2 Emissions.

The growing need for change

“Rising energy costs and energy security concerns are driving the need to improve building energy efficiency and decarbonisation strategies.”

“Many sustainability efforts only dabble at the fringes of the business and ignore the human element, which is where meaningful and lasting change takes root

“The most effective way to curb emissions is through maintaining, retrofitting, and extending the lives of the buildings we already have. It saves money, carbon and time

Fast, effective solutions

Capture data

Collect data on your buildings and energy. Define your commercial, operational, and strategy drivers.


See your portfolio in new ways. Understand MEES risk and identify optimisation targets.

Map & Model

Digitise building targets to form a data model, providing a framework for real-time energy and occupational insights.


Deploy technology to optimise building services and occupant behaviour, enriching the data model and supporting decisions for future retrofit works.


Creating long-term value

Optimising your buildings with technology creates dynamic adaptable data models, delivering actionable insights to increase efficiency across your portfolio.

Optimisation 26%

Average reduction in energy use intensity (EUI) from baseline through Optimisation alone.

Light Retrofit 37%

Average reduction in energy use intensity (EUI) from baseline through Optimisation and Light Retrofit.

Deep Retrofit 63%

Average reduction in energy use intensity (EUI) from baseline through Optimisation and Deep Retrofit.

“Building measurement and optimisation develops the golden thread of information that supports subsequent phases of retrofit.”

Accelerate your efficiency journey

Portfolio Analysis

Tools creating visibility and understanding. Your teams will see your portfolio in new ways clearly demonstrating where value can be achieved.

Building Mapping

Digitise your buildings to create the basis for dynamic and adaptable models that increase in value over time.


Building technology automating data collection, energy monitoring and interventions to increase efficiency.